• Dear Clay County Parents and Guardians,

    First and foremost, I hope you and your family are doing well. No matter the circumstances, we always defer to family first in times like these, and we are truly a family here in Clay County. As a school district, we are certainly entering uncharted waters, and I have faith that we will be stronger as a community when this is all over. 

    As you are aware, we will begin distance learning on Tuesday, March 31st. Over the past week, district staff, content specialists, teachers, principals, and the Clay County Education Association have developed several resources to help make the transition to distance learning as smooth as possible for students and parents. The OneClay Instructional Continuity Plan is designed to provide a framework for teachers and students to continue the teaching and learning process. 

    Below are things to keep in mind as students move from school-based learning to distance learning:

    • Give yourself grace to learn as you go. Moving our entire brick and mortar school system to distance learning is new for all of us--students, teachers, parents, and leaders.

    • We understand that you may be under a lot of stress with the circumstances at hand, including possible job instability and care of family members. In addition, you may have to continue working during this time. This is a big adjustment for all of us and we will remain flexible as we work around changing family dynamics and schedules.

    • Our expectation is for instruction to continue from our teachers. We are asking parents and guardians to assist in connecting your students to distance learning content and resources.

    • We encourage setting up a daily learning schedule for your children. We advise students to create their own work space where they feel comfortable and are encouraged to learn.

    • Since this is a new frontier for education, we encourage you to utilize all of the School Services that are embedded into the Instructional Continuity Plan, including the opportunity to connect with your school counselor, school social worker, school psychologist, and mental health clinician.

    We know that questions will arise as we work through this new process together. Please do not hesitate to reach out to your child’s teacher first and then school administrators. Starting next week, school staff stands prepared to launch distance learning and assist parents and guardians with this shift in the learning environment. Teachers will contact students beginning the week of March 31st via phone, email, Google Classroom, etc. to connect with you and your student regarding their distance learning. 

    The district has created a dedicated webpage on our district website for distance learning. To view this information in its entirety, including the OneClay Instructional Continuity Plan, please click here.

    I am certain that together, we will all get through these challenging times. I appreciate the support of the community as we continue to help students grow and excel in a new approach to learning.



    David Broskie

    Superintendent of Schools