Clay County Superintendent Launches Inaugural Student Advisory Council

Picture of superintendent next to classroom door that says "Be Awesome Today."

Application Information

  • Superintendent Addison Davis will launch an inaugural Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council for the 2018-2019 school year. This opportunity provides a forum for students to have direct communication and interaction with Davis as well as the chance to discuss strategies to improve education experiences. The council will allow students to voice their opinions on a variety of topics and work to create solutions for select issues that are important to students and the school district.

    The Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council will be comprised of student ambassadors from grades 7-12 serving as the voice of their respective student bodies. Davis will lead this council in a manner that encourages student voice to influence local education with the goal of developing young leaders as educational advocates. Participants will engage in conversations with Davis related to rigorous and diverse academic experiences, robust extracurricular opportunities, comprehensive student support services, fair and consistent school culture and discipline, authentic platforms for student voice and representation, technology, college and career readiness, student leadership, and community outreach.

    The Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council will meet monthly to discuss relevant and pressing topics centered on public education. All participants will receive training on how to best represent their peers and school district through public speaking, understanding education legislative, Robert’s Rules of Order, along with student advocacy.

    Program Overview

    The Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council will be comprised of two scholars from each grade level, who will represent the diversity of backgrounds, cultures, and experiences of students across Clay County District Schools. Students will be selected by an application process, which will be reviewed by district level staff. Students who aspire to participate will be:

    ➢    Selected via an open application process based on character, academics, community involvement, rationale for joining the Council, commitment to serve, and the unique perspective he or she brings to the Council;

    ➢    Expected to serve an eight-month term that begins September and concludes in May;

    ➢    Expected to participate in monthly meetings with the Superintendent, bi-monthly leadership development workshops, and other special events;

    ➢    Expected to provide input on upcoming policy decisions and best practices.

    Benefits to Students

    Students will have the opportunity to:

    ➢    Have a direct role in improving Clay County District Schools for all students;

    ➢    Gain important leadership, public speaking, decision-making and team building skills;

    ➢    Gain a network of supporters and mentors through exposure to Clay County District Schools and Clay County Civic Leaders;

    ➢    Have a great addition to their resume and college applications

    Minimum Eligibility Criteria

    Students serving on the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council:

    ➢   Must currently be enrolled in Clay County District Schools;

    ➢   Must fully complete the Superintendent Student Advisory Council Application;

    ➢   If selected for an in-person interview, must provide a recommendation from a non-family member adult (e.g. teacher, guidance counselor, mentor) who can speak to the applicant’s work ethic, academic accomplishments, character, team work skills, and level of commitment;

    ➢   Signature from a parent or guardian approving Council participation.

    Student Eligibility Criteria

    All 7th-12th grade students are eligible to apply.

    Meeting Times:

    Meetings will be held on a monthly basis on Monday’s evenings at 5:30 p.m.  Meetings will be located at the Teacher Training Center located on the Fleming Island High School campus.

    Online Application:

    Superintendent's Student Advisory Council Application

    The deadline for applications is June 1, 2018