COVID-19 Report:

COVID -19 Report May 23-27, 2022
  • Report Disclaimer

    The Department of Health has the ability to monitor student attendance and seating charts through Focus and are able to conduct interviews with the confirmed positive student. With this information, the Department of Health can make an informed decision about the students or staff members who have prolonged exposure with a positive case. In the elementary setting, one positive case could lead to quarantine orders of up to ten students depending on mode of transportation; however, due to the multiple classes at the secondary level, one positive case could lead to upwards of 30+ students that receive quarantine orders based on seating charts, lunch, transportation, sports, etc. The number of positive cases and quarantined individuals on this weekly report are not validated by the Department of Health - Clay County. The Department of Health - Clay County conducts all contact tracing and will notify families and staff if they have been in close contact with a confirmed positive case.  

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