Chromebook Distribution and Repair

  • The distribution of CCDS Chromebooks for distance learning or the replacement of broken/non-working CCDS Chromebooks will be by appointment only at two main sites. Please complete the appointment form below to check-out or replace a CCDS Chromebook. 

    1. Device pickup will be located at one of our two main sites (Middleburg High School and Orange Park High School West Campus - Blue Buildings). 
    2. Upon arrival, please do not leave your vehicle. This will ensure that we are complying with CDC and Clay County EOC guidelines to observe social distancing and protect your families and our employees.
    3. Please drive through to the designated area and do not leave your vehicle.
    4. The school’s designated representative will be near the curb for you to present the following forms of identification: A driver’s license or Florida ID and Student ID. This will be used to verify contact affiliation with the student. Students know this number as their lunch number (or email address or OneClay Portal login). You may also get this number from the Parent Portal in FOCUS.
    5. Once the information is presented to the school district employee, a Chromebook will be scanned and recorded as having been checked out to your student in FOCUS, or in the case of a replacement, the broken Chromebook will be scanned as returned and the new one will be scanned as the new check-out.
    6. At this point, we request that you exit the pick-up/drop-off lines and return home to keep the line moving.
      1. We ask that you submit questions to the CCDS Call Center at 904-336-0090 or by email to
    7. Note: If you have existing wireless internet at your house, the students can connect the CCDS Chromebook to the home WiFi. Many schools and vendors are also offering free WiFi, click here for information. 

    CCDS Chromebook Form