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  • Parents and Guardians,

    As we start distance learning tomorrow, I know this is a new experience for everyone and Tuesday will feel like the first day of school again. Give yourself grace to learn as you go. We are all in this together! This week, you should hear from your child’s teacher(s) via phone, email, and/or Google Classroom to ensure your child is connected for the distance learning process. 

    Before we officially launch distance learning, I want to provide a quick list of reminders below. 

    Distance Learning:

    1. Make sure that your student has a device to access their online learning environment. If your student needs a device, make sure you've completed the OneClay Chromebook Checkout form on our website. Many vendors are also offering free internet access. Please contact your student's school for additional information.
    2. Make sure that your student can login to Google Chrome. CCDS applications work best on the Google Chrome browser. Click on this video for directions on signing in to Google Chrome.
    3. Make sure that your student can login to the OneClay Portal. All approved online learning applications will be accessible via the student's OneClay Portal. Student username is their student number/lunch number. 
    4. In the OneClay Portal--Click on the Google Apps window and then the Gmail tile. This will open your student's Gmail account. You will want to regularly check your student's Gmail to ensure you are receiving important emails from your student's teacher(s) regarding online learning.
    5. In the OneClay Portal--Click on the Google Apps window and then the Classroom tile to access your student's Google Classroom. Your child's teacher may have already set that up and be posting announcements. Click on this link for helpful video tutorials to assist with  Google Classroom Information
    6. In the OneClay Portal--Click on tiles for i-Ready, Achieve3000, Edgenuity, and My ClassLinks Student to access additional learning resources.
    7. If you know your contact information has changed recently, please contact your school to update your contact information in FOCUS. This will make it easier for your student's teacher to contact you.
    8. If your student attends a charter school, please contact your student's school directly for information specific to their processes and this Instructional Continuity Plan.

    Click here for more information on distance learning.

    Technology Support:

    If you need technology support, please follow these steps:

    1) Refer to the Getting Started newsletter on our website.

    2) Contact your child's teacher for assistance.

    3) Contact your child's school.

    4) If you still cannot work through an issue, please contact the district office at 904-336-0090 or email at CCDSCallCenter@myoneclay.net

    Chromebook Registration and Distribution:

    If you have not registered for a Chromebook, please click here. We understand that distribution is running through the end of this week and some students may not be able to begin online learning until Thursday or Friday. This is okay! As soon as you are able to join online learning, please do so. 


    We now have 16 schools that will be sites for breakfast and lunch starting on Tuesday, March 31st. Your child can pick up at any of the sites listed below. To adhere with social distancing guidelines, we ask that families remain in their vehicles when driving thru to pick up the meal. 

    Breakfast: 8 a.m. - 9 a.m.

    Lunch: 12 p.m. - 1 p.m.

    Meals will be available at the following sites:

      • Charles E. Bennett Elementary
      • Clay Hill Elementary
      • Coppergate Elementary
      • Grove Park Elementary 
      • Keystone Heights Junior/Senior High 
      • Lakeside Elementary 
      • McRae Elementary
      • Middleburg Elementary 
      • Montclair Elementary
      • Orange Park Junior High 
      • Orange Park High 
      • Ridgeview Elementary
      • S. Bryan Jennings Elementary 
      • Swimming Pen Creek Elementary 
      • W.E. Cherry Elementary 
      • Wilkinson Elementary

    Once again, as we make this transition from face-to-face to distance learning, I ask that we all work together with compassion and grace during these unprecedented times. Please know that Clay County District Schools has every learner’s best interest in mind and we will continue to provide the greatest educational experience possible for our students. 


    David Broskie

    Superintendent of Schools