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    eFlyers submitted for approval must:

    • Be in PDF format
    • Support the basic educational mission of the district, directly benefit the students, or be of intrinsic value to the students or their parents/guardians
    • Contain the name and contact information of the sponsoring entity

    Please be aware that:

    • Materials will not be accepted at the District Administrative Office for distribution to recipients on your behalf
    • Distribution of approved materials is at the discretion of the principal and/or school administrator
    • Companies and/or programs sponsored by a school PTA/O or booster club or those that are offered through district-run extended day programs, do not need to be approved at the district level. Please contact your individual school for approval.
    • The school district is neither endorsing nor sponsoring events/materials outside of its organization, and is neither approving nor endorsing the views of the organization sponsoring the activities advertised herein.


  • Approved advertising must be in good taste, appropriate for family viewing in a school environment, and compatible with community standards, as determined by the administration in the exercise of his or her judgment and discretion.

    Advertising shall not be approved if:

    • It contains obscene material or is inappropriate for family viewing in a school environment
    • It promotes products that are unlawful for minors to purchase or use, or businesses that are unlawful for minors to patronize
    • It is political or proselytizing
    • It would be inconsistent with School District policies or contrary to law
    • It would tend to disrupt the school environment

    Please allow up to 10 business days for the review process.