• accomplishments banner

  • 1.      Increase in FSA Assessments and move the district ranking to #20 to #8 in State

    2.      Increase in the number of “A” & “B” Schools

    3.      Increase in Graduation Rate to Record High 90.7%

    4.      Increase in Graduation Subgroups Rates (ESE, ELL, AT-Risks, and African American Students)

    5.      Increase in Reading Post-Secondary Scores 61% to 81%

    6.      Increase in Math Post-Secondary Scores 45% to 67%

    7.      Increase in SAT/ACT Averages

    8.      Increase in Insight Survey Two Years in a Row Above National Average

    9.      Decrease in Energy Efficiency Cost

    10.   Increase District Fund Balance from below 3% to 4.54%

    11.   Increase Technology Access and Brought Wireless to all Schools

    12.   Built New School Debt Free ($25,000,000)

    13.   Project to Eliminate Portables in Clay County (Currently have 900+)

    14.   Developed New Strategic Plan with School Board

    15.   Established Greater Aligned Student Curriculums

    16.   Increase in Student Lexile Scores Evidenced by Achieve 3000

    17.   Established New School Choice Programs (Montessori, Pre-Cambridge, Pre-AICE, STEAM, and Visual & Performing Arts)

    18.   Developed New Pipeline for Future School Leaders

    19.   Trained all Principals in Instructional Coaching via UF Lastinger which is Nationally recognized

    20.   Established All County Athletic Teams and Acknowledgement

    21.   Established Vision for Excellent Instruction for All

    22.   Developed Tier 2 and Tier 3 Supports for Learners

    23.   Reduced Testing by the number of assessments and minutes

    24.   Reduced the Span of Control for School-based leaders

    25.   Added Instructional coaches for all Schools

    26.   Launched Community Partnership Schools at WJHS & Keystone Heights Junior/Senior High School

    27.   Provided Teachers with Multi-Year Pay Increase

    28.   Provided Supports Personnel with Pay Increase

    29.   Added Motivational Coaches to Junior High Schools

    30.   Added College and Career Coaches to High Schools

    31.   Realigned the Way to Way Academies in High Schools

    32.   Added SAT/ACT/PERT Boot Camps

    33.   Increased the number of buses with AC

    34.   Developed Staff Allocation Model

    35.   Increase Surveillance and Security and Placed $6,000,000 in Safety and Security Projects

    36.   Completed Master Board Training

    37.   Established Dialogue with Davis

    38.   Established Clay Connections

    39.   Established Weekly Briefing

    40.   Established Greater Social Media Presence for District

    41.   Launched New Website

    42.   Held District Showcase for Open Enrollment

    43.   Launched Community Listen and Learns Surrounding Pressing Issues

    44.   Added Media, PE, Music, and Art to all Elementary Schools

    45.   Established Early Warning Systems for At-Risk Students

    46.   Established a Graduation Tracker

    47.   In Process of Establishing PITSCO Labs in Elementary Schools

    48.   Launched Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council

    49.   Increased Acceleration Opportunities for Learners

    50.   Established In-School SAT for Students

    51.   Added Learning Management Systems

    52.   Added Criteria for PLC for Educators

    53.   Added Calibration Walks for All Schools

    54.   Conducted Instructional Reviews for At-Risk Schools

    55.   Increased 1-1 Initiative by 11,000 Chromebooks this Year

    56.   Designed the Organization to become more Efficient

    57.   Developed a plan to Hire and Recruit a Diverse Workforce

    58.   Developed Clay History Curriculum for 8th Grade Students

    59.   Strategically Aligned Services for Students with Disabilities

    60.   Increased the Graduation rate for Students with Disabilities and At-Risk Students

    61.   Provided Students with Greater Access to Grade Level and Accelerated Educational Experiences

    62.   Placed Acceleration Programs in all High Schools

    63.   Developed a District Police Department

    64.   Implemented a new Business and Human Resources System (Business Plus)

    65.   Developed a new School-based Administrator Evaluation System

    66.   Initiated the Para2Pro Program to assist Support Employees to receive their teaching certification

    67.   Developed a Teacher Recruitment Fair to aid in the hiring of a skilled workforce

    68.   Implemented VERSA FLDOE Licensing Program

    69.   Constructed new elementary school, Discovery Oaks Elementary, on time and on budget

    70.   Implemented Redistricting needed in Oakleaf to open Discovery Oaks Elementary

    71.   Completed Baseball/Softball Field Lighting at all remaining high schools

    72.   Constructed the AICE Facility at Fleming Island High School

    73.   Completed District-wide Threat Assessments at all schools

    74.   Completed Camera Surveillance Projects at all schools

    75.   Increased Number of Air Conditioned Buses

    76.   First District in Northeast Florida to launch Emergency Notification System called Mutualink

    77.   Launched new District logo for the first time in more than 70 years

    78.   Launched Superintendent's Teacher Advisory Council

    79.   Launched Community Connections, a monthly video to showcase updates within the District

    80.   Launched Elevation Academy at Bannerman Learning Center to assist students with dropout prevention strategies

    81.   Launched Clay Connect, a monthly digital newsletter for parents and community members